RIMPA Live 2023 Compu-Stor

Top 4 Takeaways from RIMPA Live 2023

RIMPA Live 2023 Compu-Stor

RIMPA LIVE was on the magnificent Gold Coast this year, with both the Compu-Stor and Avantix teams out in force, engaging with industry colleagues and future customers!


It was a jam-packed conference with industry updates and learnings and our executives were out and about taking part in round tables and presentations at the event.

Amanda Dolman, Strategic Business Solutions Manager, Compu-Stor
Jeremy Manford, CEO Compu-Stor, Avantix Director and RIMPA Director/Global Liaison

Compu-Stor is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of RIMPA Global (Records and Information Management Practitioners Alliance) and to support the industry.


We also sponsored the RIMPA Live closing lunch, where Joshua Norbido, the renowned Illusionist performed eye-opening magic tricks to an enthralled audience. It made us think that we too, make magic happen daily to troubleshoot and meet our customers’ information management challenges head-on!

Our team came away with 4 key takeaways from this great event:

Process automation was a hot topic, with many attendees interested in keeping up to date with the current trends and in understanding how technologies such as machine learning and robotic process automation (RPA) can be used in a practical manner and incorporated into their roles to add value and to work more efficiently.

Information security
was at the heart of many of the discussions we had with organisations at the event, due to the increased level of threats. Our recent achievement of maturity level 2 in E8 attracted much attention!


Digitising documents is a great first step, but many organisations are struggling to turn this into meaningful and actionable data. Our discussions with organisations at the event highlighted that the use of document metadata and business process automation as provided by Compu-Stor’s solutions, can dramatically boost an organisation’s productivity.


In some cases, we heard that customer service levels in the information management sector have suffered in recent times. Several organisations we met, were looking for that accessible and professional customer service. They were interested to hear that Compu-Stor has recently doubled the size of its customer services team covering all the time zones across Australia.

In case you missed the opportunity to exchange with our team at the event, or you would like to follow up on discussions at the event, then please contact us on 1300 559 778.

For more information on our solutions, please visit our website: https://compu-stor.com.au/