Save Time & Money On Document Shredding Prices!

The pandemic’s negative economic impacts led many entrepreneurs to think of new ways to cut business expenses, including document shredding.

If you are considering the in-house disposal of destroyed papers to reduce document shredding prices, you might have to think twice!

According to Security Magazine, there are many benefits by working with a document shredding service for your shredding needs.

Outsourcing your shreding service eliminates additional staff wages, equipment maintenance costs, document disposal requirements and tedious manual tasks that come with operating the machine.

Listed below are several factors that you should be aware of before you choose DIY shredding.

The Hidden Costs of DIY Shredding

Each employee’s time is valuable. Imagine the amount of mail and documents your business receives each month and the time it takes to shred them. Then, try to think about multiplying that number for the entire year.

Leaving the task of record destruction to your staff is not maximising the time of your employees.

Your staff could be taking on more valuable assignments instead of spending work hours paper shredding and organising archive boxes.

Secure document shredding of confidential documents takes time and decreases the productivity of the office and leaves employees understaffed.

Outsourcing your secure document destruction service to a reliable service provider gives your staff enough time to prioritise tasks that will better contribute to the growth of your company.

Increased Risk of Data Breaches

Having untrained personnel handle your agency’s document destruction poses the risk of both unintentional and deliberate data breaches.

Data breaches may lead to unimaginable costs depending on the extent of the damages.

To shred sensitive documents requires proper management and a certificate of destruction.

Outsourcing your shredding services ensures that you keep your document shredding prices minimal and guarantees the security of your records.

Letting your staff dispose of your business’ private records exposes you to human error. Getting rid of important documents that should have been saved can have devistating results for a business.

Following a tedious document destruction process on your own is very time-consuming for you and your employees.

If you are looking for an efficient way to destroy your confidential business materials, working with a trusted information management company is the way to go.

Improper Disposal of Shredded Documents

Simply placing your shredded documents in the recycling bin is not enough.

Confidential documents can be retrieved by criminals with high-end software.

Your sensitive records, which you initially thought were destroyed can still be used to cause harm to your company or your clients.

Well-trained professionals in the field of document destruction can help you save on document shredding prices.

Information management companies are knowledgeable on how to correctly discard of sensitive materials.

Compu-Stor understands that your peace of mind is priceless, and always ensure your data is protected to the highest standards at all times.

Added Safety and Fire Hazard

DIY shredding of your documents constitutes several safety hazards for your employees.

In addition to the risks of physical injury caused by shredders, these tiny strips of paper are also highly combustible.

Before you entrust the task of shredding documents to a staff member, they must first be equipped with the proper knowledge on how to handle the shredding equipment and confidential records.

Learning the correct processes requires training which also adds to the overall prices of shredding document in-house.

Professional companies who specialise in document destruction have highly trained staff that can properly operate equipment and handle your documents.

Lack of Compliance to Government Regulations

Government regulations are in place when it comes to destroying any document with classified information.

When your personnel are not mindful of this sector-specific legislation, your company may face severe repercussions.

For your added peace of mind, delegate your document destruction requirements to professionals who are well-versed in the latest government policies on business record disposal and retention in your industry.

Lessen Your Document Shredding Prices With the Help of Compu-Stor

Avoid spending too much on document shredding prices by hiring the dependable information management specialists at Compu-Stor.

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