Digital Mailroom Aids Business Continuity

Is your team all working remotely? Are you looking at ways to continue to operate your business and that mail is still coming in? Compu-Stor has a number of solutions to help you.

Here’s a look at our basic mailroom services and implementation.

  1. Mail redirection can be established so that your mail can be collected by our courier and delivered to our secure facility
  2. Our digitisation team will open, sort and scan the contents of each mail item
  3. If required, high-level metadata can be captured for each mail item to suit your business requirements
  4. Resultant images and metadata can be made available to you electronically via SFTP
  5. Viewing via SFTP ensures the security of your mail items and allows you to provide access to your home-based workforce.

If you require a more complex mailroom solution, you may contact us and together figure out the best-fitting mailroom solution for your business.

Now that traditional channels of operations for almost all businesses have been restricted, companies need to find solutions to keep the business moving forward and this is a challenge. As businesses strive to startegise and probe ways to maintain status-quo, the value of digital processes and workflows shine the greatest. More than just being able to mitigate the current situation, digitised processes are now becoming an integral part of companies’ business continuity plans with the potential of becoming the “new norm” of the business landscape.

No one is clear how long this will last but we do know this is going to change the way we work forever. For most of our customers, having access to their mail and guaranteeing a timely response to people who count on them gives a certain balance amidst this limbo. A number of our customers who do not have digital mailroom set-up also approached us to quickly realise this service for them to ensure uninterrupted inbound documents management during these times. We understand the urgency and importance of having access to your correspondence hence why we have streamlined our implementation procedures and are able to fulfill your requirements quickly.

We are dedicated to helping business owners thrive through these challenging times and maintain the safety and well-being of our broader community. Other than digital mailroom, a number of our services including Scan OnDemand and CIMS have been well-received to aid in maintaining business as usual status. We at Compu-Stor and DTS hope that you, your family and your business are safe.

Compu-Stor digital division DTS is helping many businesses go digital with many services to help your business to continue to operate. Our business can help you and we are in full operation able to support you. Contact us to understand more on what we can do to help you through this unprecedented time at or 1300 559 778