From Document Storage to Information Management – a look back at 30 years of business for Compu-Stor

Last month, Compu-Stor celebrated 30 years in business as a family owned business, transforming from a WA based document storage business and growing into a national information management company. Compu-Stor is proud of our heritage and our longevity in the business and the fluidity we have to continually innovate to remain relevant and continue to deliver products and services to help our customers.

Before document management was an official business function, most businesses kept all their files in filing cabinets, and depending on the size of the business, rooms would be dedicated to keeping filing cabinets and archive boxes. Each file that came in needed to be filed, costing the business resources and time. On top of that, if a file ever needed to be accessed, the company would have to spend more time, energy, and resources trying to find it.

When Compu-Stor began in 1987, the VCR and facsimile machine were as high tech as it got, and while computers were starting to be available, they were basic systems that most Australian businesses didn’t have access to.

The landscape of document storage, now more well known as information management, has continued to evolve over time. Prior to the 1990s, few Australian record keepers had seriously addressed electronic records. Businesses were overwhelmed with filing cabinets and archive boxes.

When Compu-Stor launched, the first service the business offered was document storage; delivering a simple archive based system so we could safely store important information that could be retrieved when needed. While document storage is still important today, what Compu-Stor provide is much more a system of online information management – providing the means and tools of storing and accessing information much easier thanks the innovation of technology.

But scanning and storage is just the start of the Compu-Stor story. Digital Transformation Solutions from Compu-Stor transitions static business document processes into a digital format which helps streamline internal process and improves business efficiencies. Data will be in real-time available across multiple departments so the entire business is linked, helping to break down internal operational silos which slow down business knowledge and decisions.

This quicker access to data across the entire organisation means businesses can make swifter, more informed business decisions.

The Compu-Stor story is one of change and innovation, the only constant in our business is the drive to transform and reinvent ourselves as technology evolves around us and allows our services to be far beyond simple scanning and storage.

Just because physical document storage is where the business started doesn’t mean it’s our future. Compu-Stor is continually innovative innovating our services and product offerings to stay at the forefront of the industry, and ahead of competitors.