Product Spotlight: Document Conversion

Does your business have all of your important records and information readily available?

More and more companies are looking to move into the digital age and are looking for ways to manage their information electronically.  With our help your information could just be a few clicks away.

If you are thinking about converting your paper documents into electronic records, the first question usually asked is, “Should I scan my files myself, or should I outsource this process?”

While many choose to complete this process in-house, outsourcing your document imaging projects to an experienced service provider can offer a range of benefits, including not having to invest in equipment and software with ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

Do you have the resources to spare for the initial training and ongoing commitment to a digitisation project?  Do you have the space to house document preparation areas, the scanners and PCs, the project staff and all the files that you’ll be converting?

Outsourcing your document conversion project to a company like Compu-Stor can provide a cost-effective and easy to use electronic database for everyday access and retrieval.  We can tailor a solution to convert all your records in a single digitisation project, or work with you over time to slowly build up a comprehensive electronic catalogue of your most active or critical files.

You can link your electronic records into our online records management system, and simply search this centralised system to retrieve the record.  This can completely remove the need for any expensive internal IT systems and management.  A single flash drive can hold over 500 archive boxes worth of documents, minimising your onsite storage needs.

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