Who is really looking after your records?

Heads up, business owners: the smaller guys in records management are being swallowed up by the big fish.

So, what does this mean for you, and for the safety and integrity of your important records?

As you know, secure document storage is becoming an increasing challenge for businesses. We only need to look at the frequency of information management and accountability problems reported in the news to know that secure record management is more important than ever.

The Compu-Stor Difference

Compu-Stor is proudly an 100% Australian owned and operated family business specialising in information management. Established in Perth in 1987, we are now one of the largest privately-owned information management companies in Australia, providing confidential, secure and reliable services.

Our data backup and recovery services are supported with first-class storage facilities. They are climate controlled and monitored to 21 degrees Celsius and 40% humidity. We also have electronic alarm systems that are monitored 24/7. Compu-Stor can also implement a data back up rotation service. We can ensure prompt and efficient delivery of backup media to your premises in durable plastic cases on a daily, weekly, monthly or ad-hoc schedule depending on your needs. It is doubtful that an off-shore operation would have the same efficiency. 

No Offshore Processing

Our digital imaging services are also all provided locally. We don’t send your images offshore for processing, which gives you peace of mind about the safety of your information. At Compu-Stor, that is our priority.

To partner with an information management specialist you can trust, contact Compu-Stor today.