Why just scanning and storing digital records is not a robust record management system?

When professional practices say they are “digitising” their records these days, what many of them mean is that they are just scanning their documents as PDFs. But this isn’t a robust records management solution.

Why? Scanned PDFs do not inherently provide information management capabilities like search, sort and others.

A real records management solution provides:

  • meaningful ways to search data
  • meaningful ways for professional practices to analyse data
  • analysis of information trends
  • general information on clients

All these benefits were previously unavailable with paper-based records (or by creating digital PDF files).

The Compu-Stor Difference

That’s why we developed Compu-Stor’s Complete Information Management System. It is a robust information management solution that facilitates a superior level of document storage and retrieval.

Our CIMS information management solution delivers efficient and time-sensitive access to information, allowing professional practices to more efficiently organize and preserve information.

Why robust record management matters

Your records management strategy should take into account the big picture, including the context you operate in and the nature of the business you do.

Many industries such as healthcare are experiencing changes. For example, digitisation of healthcare records has paved the way for a far more informed, innovative, and personalised care paradigm.

It is important to ensure your business is keeping up. When destroying physical copies of medical documents after digitising them, most professional practices need to comply with certain privacy regulations and government compliances.

Being aware of the risks and requirements associated with your business is also critical. This is particularly applicable to professional practices – where tardy records management can have disastrous consequences.

To stand out in today’s competitive business environment, businesses need to constantly be on the lookout for new ways to eliminate redundancy and increase efficiency. Talk to Compu-Stor today if you need help upgrading your information management systems.